Both Hands Cajon - The Nature of Sound
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Both Hands Cajon used on the Variety Program 《The Voice of China》

 《The Voice of China》TingFeng Xie  accompanied JunGe Liu on both hands cajon.

JunGe Liu got the champion finally.


  •  Both Hands Cajon Bevel Series, Trapezoid shape, back waist streamline design, the playing board is inclined, which makes it easier for players to play and more comfortable to play.
    The resonance chamber is trapezoidal, which forms air vortex when playing, and the timbre is softer.
    Elastic double slots, constant Elasticity, stable tamber, aviod joints noise. 
    Standard System SS01, system SS02, SS05 or SS06 are options for different sounds.
  • Product No.:BHC-S31
  • Size:48 x 29 x 36cm
  • System:SS01 Snare Systerm with 20wires
  • Finish:Tubaobao® Apple Wood
  • Front:TechmuPly® 3ply Birch Plywood with back balance
  • Sides:CanexPly® 15mm 13ply Europe Beech Plywood
  • Back:CanexPly® 12mm 11ply Europe Beech Plywood
  • Varnish:Verona® Double coating satin polyurethane lacquer
  • Sound:Modern versatile sound

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